About Us

The Institute for Climate Finance & Law

The Institute for Climate Finance & Law is an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a more equal, more just, inclusive and sustainable future. The institute is an independent, nonprofit, practical, progressive and critical research organisation dedicated to strengthening climate and socio-economic justice and planetary welfare in the global economy through expert climate finance and law analysis and practical policy solutions.
The Institute is committed to thorough, intellectually open, and in-depth study, debate and discussion. Its audience includes civil society, governments,  activists,  lawyers, legislators, business and financial leaders, academia, trade unions, students, the media, climate-vulnerable local communities and the public at large. The Institute was founded in 2024 as the research, training and analysis arm of Advocates4Earth.  

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute for Climate Finance & Law  is to create innovative, interdisciplinary initiatives that bridge the gap between science and environmental policy.